Ghosts haunting Bourbon Street, French Quarter, New Orleans, LA

Boos! and Booze French Quarter Haunting's Tour

A New Orleans Haunted Bar Crawl & TRAVEL + LEISURE Top 5 New Orleans Tour






Mon., Wed. and Sat., 4pm 


$36, one drink included | $29, no drinks included





3 hours

Costumes on mannequins, Mardi Gras Museum, Arnaud's, New Orleans, LA

And revel in one of Travel + Leisure's Top 5 New Orleans Tours, because on the Boos! and Booze French Quarter Haunting's Tour we're going to explore inside haunted locations and walk the time-enshrouded streets of the French Quarter while enjoying New Orleans' classic cocktails! Call it a Haunted Bar Crawl, call it a Haunted Pub Crawl, or call it a Ghost Cocktail Tour, but it's history that is literally both ghosts...and spirits!

Enjoy my established relationships that allow us privileged admittance into legendary New Orleans institutions. In addition to the history of classic cocktails and haunting's stories in the street, I will also share with you ghostly tales inside locations where souls walk, as well. These tales are recent and first-hand, told to me by the people that actually witnessed them or who were directly involved in the event. You will not hear these stories on any other New Orleans ghost tour.


So if you are a cocktail or ghost aficionado that enjoys an intimate experience, history and an adventure that truly goes where no other ghost tours in New Orleans are allowed to go, the Boos! & Booze Tour is your new favorite libation!

You must be an adult of legal drinking age (21+) to take this tour, and if you would like to include one alcoholic go-cup beverage in your purchase price, please choose that option while booking. No other drinks are included in the price of the tour. 

Don't want to include a yummy go-cup libation? Grab the, "Boos!" only, option: just say no to your drink, while booking, and knock the price down to $29.00.

"Pass the Boos!"

Ghost of old woman behind man at bar, French Quarter, New Orleans, LA

What My Guests Are Saying About The Boos! & Booze Tour

"Another fantastic example of a guide making the tour is Brian Huff’s Boos! and Booze adults-only, cocktail-fueled jaunt through the haunted highlights of the French Quarter."

                                                                        — Hadi Ktiri, Travel + Leisure

Couple toasting cocktails at Hermes Bar, Antoine's, New Orleans, LA

Terrified of Touring with Others...

But Only Sayin' so 'cause this is a Haunted Bar Crawl?

Truth is, you just want to keep it cozy among yourself and your wife's BFF to surprise your better

half on her birthday.

I get it. You and her bestie may not be into ghosts. But your wife sure is. And you're more than a little worried about the cost of a private tour, as well.

No Boos! here. I've got y'all covered. It's a win-win-win.

Your wife enjoys her ghost stories, you and her BFF enjoy the 'spirits', and your wallet enjoys that parties

of less than six tour privately with me by paying for six.

A small price to pay for love. Ya might even call it,


Boos! & Booze Tour FAQ

How do I include an alcoholic drink?

To include one alcoholic beverage in your purchase price on the Boos! & Booze Tour, please choose that option while booking. No other drinks are included in the price of the tour.

If I choose to have an alcoholic drink included on the Boos! & Booze Tour, what kind of a drink is it?

The one included beverage--if chosen while booking the tour--is either a Bourbon Street style go-cup drink, like, and including, a Hurricane, or a beer, served in a non-souvenir plain plastic cup. It is not a classic cocktail--a martini, vodka tonic, etc.--just your all-around, easy-going, fruit juice & boozy concoction or a beer. You will be shown a menu on the tour from which to choose your included drink. No other drinks are included in the price of the tour. You will, however, have ample opportunity to purchase additional drinks, if you like, but are not obligated to buy drinks at any stop.

I want to enjoy the ghost stories, but I don't drink. Can I still go on the tour?

Yes! Absolutely.

Is the Boos! & Booze Tour theatrical?

The story narration is dramatic, but costumes are not worn.

Does the tour visit the LaLaurie mansion?

No. The LaLaurie mansion is at the other end of the French Quarter from where we tour. I developed this experience to take advantage of my one-of-a-kind, behind-the-scenes access into haunted locations. The LaLaurie mansion is a private residence that is surrounded nightly by tour groups that cannot go inside. However, that being said--if you are a hauntings aficionado--you need to go. Contact me and I will be happy to recommend other tour companies that include the LaLaurie mansion on their excursions.

Does the Boos! & Booze Tour go to a cemetery?

No. The cemetery is outside the French Quarter and closes daily in the afternoon, before our tour departs.

Should I bring a camera on the tour?

Yes! You are welcome to take photos wherever we go. Cameras may record what the eye did not or cannot see.

Where does the Boos! & Booze Tour end?

The tour ends near Jackson Square in the French Quarter. If I do not have a previous obligation--such as another tour--I am happy to escort y'all to where you may be going, if it is within walking distance.

How long is the Boos! & Booze Tour?

The tour is 3 hours long. Occasionally, tours will end a few minutes early or late, depending on French Quarter high jinks, and also group size. I do my utmost to end on time, but I may not. With that in mind, I highly recommend not making plans directly after your tour. Build in some chill time to comfortably get to your, "I'm completely envious of your dinner," or whatever shenanigans you have planned.

Patrons at darkened Carousel Bar, Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans, LA

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