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Your Small Plate and Cocktail, "Naturally in NOLA, I'm Grazing, Anyway, So It's Wise to Include a Professional...," Spanish New Orleans History Tour.






Thursday-Saturday, 4pm


$29, no drinks or food included





4 hours

As when it's paired with a small plate.

 And if there is a country anywhere in this world that worships that combination more than we do, it's got to be Spain. In fact, their national pastime of bar hopping and eating small plates with alcoholic beverages is essential to their culture.

You know the name: tapas. You see it in your mind's eye. A small plate accompanying a drink. But it's so much more, because it's also a verb: tapear. And, depending on how it's used, can mean everything from, "to eat tapas," to walking from bar to bar doing that very thing.

It's about socializing and mind-blowing flavors and shared experience and meeting new friends and taking your sweet ass time on an afternoon or evening in the spirited pursuit thereof.

Fortunately for us, and no coincidence given our obsession with this worthy lifestyle, New Orleans was under Spanish rule during a respectable amount of our European origins.

So I put it forth to you that this pursuit of small plates with alcoholic beverages (in our case--but, of course!--cocktails) is essential to New Orleans culture, as well, and, if ya wanna blame anyone at all for that...blame the Spanish.

Or rather--I mean, let's be real--thank them. Profusely.

On NOLA TAPAS I will turn you on to amazing cocktails, dishes and the stories of the establishments that create them.

All with a side of remarkably delicious Spanish New Orleans history.

You will never look at--or taste--the 'French' Quarter the same way again.


Although I recommend you read the FAQ of any of my tours you may be interested in, please read this one. It matters.


But two things to know for sure: no food or drinks are included in the price of the tour, and New Orleans Streetwalkers Tours COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy.

A Cocktail Never Tasted So Good...

What My Guests Are Saying About NOLA TAPAS 

"This third tour I went on [with New Orleans Streetwalkers Tours] was on NOLA tapas and it was a great way to learn about some of the best spots in the city for tasty appetizers and even tastier cocktails. All the places we went to were great, and Brian regaled us with interesting details about all of them. It was a great way to learn of great spots in the city even for someone who has been here for a year, just because Brian knows all the best spots and the right people at these spots to hook you up with great experiences. Very heartily recommended!"

                                                                        — Christian S., NOLA

COVID Concerned?

Consider a Private Tour.

Times are trying. We want normal back. Or the 'new normal'. Or the at least, simply, blessed return to the what-I-wouldn't-give-for-a-cocktail-and-bite normal.

I can't answer for the above, but perhaps a private tour is your now NOLA normal?

Particularly if you're enjoying the city with your

family or with your krewe. After all, y'all are already dialed in safely together, right?

Have six or more people in your party? You can tour privately with no extra charge. Less than six? Pay for six. Now your tour's private.

Tempt you? Contact me below...as normal.


Where does the tour end?

All I can tell you with any certainty is that it will end somewhere in the French Quarter, most likely near(ish) to Canal Street. That being said, I am certainly happy to point you in the right direction to your next destination or, if my schedule allows, escort you if it is within walking distance.

How long is NOLA TAPAS?

The tour is 4 hours long. In addition to history in the streets, we also linger over our food and drinks which are, of course, the stars of the show. Occasionally, tours will end a few minutes early or late, depending on French Quarter high jinks, and also group size. I do my utmost to end on time, but I may not. With that in mind, I highly recommend not making plans directly after your tour. Build in some chill time to comfortably get to whatever shenanigans you have in store. Which may not be dinner. Depending on how much you choose to indulge, you could very well be full. A distinct possibility to consider while mapping out your evening...

What kind of a tour is NOLA TAPAS?

NOLA TAPAS is a cocktail and small plate walking tour of the French Quarter that also features Spanish New Orleans history. It is for adults of legal drinking age (21+) only. It may be born out of necessity, but...I love this tour. Allow me to explain. Not only is Spanish New Orleans history fascinating and surprisingly responsible for its fair share of NOLA's nature today but, simultaneously, this extraordinary situation we find ourselves in has dictated the following: all bars in New Orleans are closed indefinitely, except for go-cups, to help contain the spread of the coronavirus. But restaurants are fully open and you can drink in them if you're eating. This is a delicious opportunity because, without a shadow of any doubt, among the reasons why people come to New Orleans is to imbibe and to eat. Everyone's a foodie when it comes to NOLA. If you're here, this is what you're doing. Obviously. It's like saying the needless to say because everybody knows: The sky is blue. And Spain, cocktails and small plates say one thing: tapas. It's the only tour I can offer y'all at the moment because of the lack of venue availability and, for increased safety, I'm knocking the tour size down from 12 people max to 8 people max. 'Cept for private tours where I am happy to take a few more 'cause y'all know each other. So let's do this thing together. Let's bring the party back to this incredible city by showing our love for each other with proper social distancing and precautions (click to view New Orleans Streetwalkers Tours COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy) and get on with the show in one of the Greatest Shows on Earth: Nueva Orleans.

Are food and drinks included on NOLA TAPAS?

No food or drinks are included.

In addition to the cost of the tour, how much money can we expect to spend?

Cocktails in New Orleans range from an average of $5 to $18 each and small plates the same. So if you are a couple on the tour and you each enjoyed a cocktail and split a small plate, the expense is between $15 to $54 at every destination, plus tax and a tip for your server. A four destination adventure, then, will be an average of between $60ish to $200ish per couple. If you consider that this is your dinner for the evening, it is what you will be spending on a night out in this city, regardless.

How should we dress on NOLA TAPAS?

Although we will not be going to any joints that require a collar, swank shoes and nice pants, some of our destinations will not allow cut-off shorts, cut-off shirts or tank tops. Dress comfortably with none of the above and y'all will be good.

Are there substitutions for food lifestyles and allergies?

New Orleans cuisine is traditionally engineered for maximum mouth-ma-tainment of the carnivorous kind--most especially including seafood!--but vegetarians can be accomodated, as well. Please keep in mind, however, that, at some destinations, your vegetarian option may be as simple as a salad. On the flip side, our cuisine does not play nice with vegan, low salt, gluten-free or kosher lifestyles and diets. Sincere apologies, I recommend that you do not take this tour if you have any of these concerns.

Are gratuities added to our tabs?

In New Orleans, gratuities are rarely added to checks automatically for couples and small groups. If a group is considered large, however, they may be added. Otherwise, it is customary to tip 15% to 20% of your bill, if you feel the service--of course!--was up to your expectations.

How does this tour differ from the Cocktail Concierge?

Ya might say that NOLA TAPAS is the little Spanish history sibling of the Cocktail Concierge and also, frankly, less expensive. The Cocktail Concierge is a private, only, tour, as well, while NOLA TAPAS is offered publicly, but may, of course, be booked privately, if you like. The Cocktail Concierge goes in depth, behind-the-scenes at certain establishments and can and will go on for hours. As one of my reviewers commented, "My bestie said it was like renting a friend to show you New Orleans." Trust me, I'm your friend on this tour, as well, but no lie: the Cocktail Concierge has been known to be up to eight hours long. If you'd like more details, you may investigate the Cocktail Conierge here, but you will, most especially, want to read its FAQ.

Am I required to wear a face mask on NOLA TAPAS?

Yes. Wearing a mask or face covering is mandatory in both the City of New Orleans and the entire State of Louisiana to protect against the coronavirus. Bars and restaurants will not allow you entry without it on. Please read New Orleans Streetwalkers Tours COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy here.


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