Cocktail Concierge

Your Personal. Private. Small Plate and Cocktail Tour.






By appointment only. Please contact me with button below.


$200 (TOTAL), first 1-4 guests, $50 each guest thereafter.





Will vary. Will be determined while customizing your tour.

Sometimes it's about a bar. Sometimes it's about a bartender. Or that small plate that's so fine you swear off bad sex. A history. A legend. A quirk. A destination not to be missed. Or one that will soon be worthy to be the same.


These are the bars and restaurants of the French Quarter. I have hand-picked a select few to share with you as an insider. Their histories, their libations, cuisines and sometimes the personalities that make them tick.

Let me please introduce myself: I'm your Cocktail Concierge.

I will be with you every step of the way. Included is my knowledge, expertise and connections. It's what I will bring to the inner table at which your Foodie-Self sits...and the cocktail-obsessed gremlin that perches, whispering, on your soul.

You: dress nicely. Bring your appetite, your passion for this city and no sweat on your budget: if you want to do this right, you can spend $100+ each, in addition to the cost of the tour. An easy night out in this town that you'd be enjoying, anyway.

Relax. Your inner gremlin isn't evil. It's just on vacation in New Orleans.

Although I recommend you read the FAQ of any of my tours you may be interested in, please read this one. It matters.


But one thing to know for sure: no food or drinks are included in the price of the tour.

The Art of Drinking...

What My Guests Are Saying About The Cocktail Concierge

"What other cocktail tours in New Orleans? My wife and I took the Cocktail Concierge w/Brian and it was amazing food, cocktails, history, insight, discovery and entertainment all evening. Simply, I have three words for you: V.I.P.."

                                                                        — Terry A., VA

Cocktail Concierge FAQ

Where does the Cocktail Concierge end?

All I can tell you with any certainty is that it will end somewhere in the French Quarter. If you are within walking distance of your accomodations, I am also happy to escort y'all back to your digs.

How long is the Cocktail Concierge?

This tour has no set time limit. Count on a minimum of 4 hours, but I can certainly tailor it's length to fit your evening. For the record, this tour has lasted as long as 8 hours. Why? We dive deep into each destination re: its history and what it offers. Also: we linger. We do not rush eating and drinking. (Sacrilege!) And finally, simply: we continue until you cry for mercy. Plan on this tour being your night out, but if you'd like me to adapt it as your pre-dinner drinks and appies, your wish is my command.

What kind of a tour is the Cocktail Concierge?

The Cocktail Concierge is a private food and cocktail walking tour for adults of legal drinking age (21+) that indulges in bars and restaurants in the French Quarter. These establishments are hand-picked by myself to be worthy of your precious vacation time and money by means of either their libations, bartenders, food, ambience, histories, personalities or even a single cocktail or small plate or all of the above.

What will you share with us on the Cocktail Concierge?

Any relevant history of the establishment, an introduction to the bartender(s), management or proprietor, if possible, and the recommendation of at least one cocktail and/or small plate that is deserving of your palate and expense. Although I will discuss with you any existing history of a recommended cocktail or plate, this is not a food tour in the sense that the history of New Orleans cuisine will be the focus. It is not. This is a fun, relaxed night out with no agenda other than your entertainment and enjoyment of among the most famous and warranted food and cocktail cities in the world.

Are food and drinks included?

No. But my knowledge, expertise, connections and zeal for the simple pleasures of fine food and cocktails, this city, and the unalterable truth that all is right in your world when you are enjoying the above with friends and family in the coolest of establishments is. No food or drinks are included.

In addition to the cost of the tour, how much money can we expect to spend?

Cocktails in New Orleans range from an average of $8 to $18 each and small plates the same. So if you are a couple on the tour and you each enjoyed a cocktail and split a small plate, the expense is between $24 to $54 at every destination, plus a tip for your server. If we go to four destinations, that will be an average of between $100 to $200ish per couple. Consider that this is your dinner and entertainment for the evening, if you choose--or please rock on! and I will most certainly have further recommendations for you--and what you will be spending on a night out in this city, anyway.

How should we dress?

Nicely. Business casual. Collared shirts. Jeans, if wearing, must not be torn (even fashionably!) and no shorts, flip flops, sneakers, t-shirts, cut-off shirts or tank tops. This is not to say that we will not be going to a dive. If it's worthy of our attention, we may go there.

What is your philosophy behind the Cocktail Concierge?

All of my tours are built on my passions for this city. Otherwise, I do not create them. For this particular experience, however, I asked myself that if I went to, let's say, Chicago--or any city anywhere, frankly--what kind of excursion would I love to go on that genuinely immerses me in that city, caters specifically to my foodie and cocktail obsessions, but is exclusive and intimate and easily shared with my family and friends without pretense? Answer: the Cocktail Concierge. I also heard someone say once that, "Drinking to get drunk is like having sex to get pregnant." You may agree or disagree with that statement--and be entertained by it!--but you probably get the intent. Drinking solely to get drunk ignores the mysterious pleasures of a fine cocktail and we take our tippling seriously, but responsibly, in this town. Have a little something to eat with each drink, not only for the wonderful flavors and experience, but also to take the edge off the alcohol. It's universal.

Are there substitutions for food lifestyles and allergies on the Cocktail Concierge?

New Orleans cuisine is traditionally engineered for maximum mouth-ma-tainment of the carnivorous kind--most especially including seafood!--but vegetarians can be accomodated, as well. It does not, however, play nice with vegan, low salt, gluten-free or kosher lifestyles and diets. Sincere apologies, I recommend that you do not take this tour if you have any of these concerns.

Are gratuities added to our tabs?

In New Orleans, gratuities are rarely added to checks automatically for couples and small groups. If your group is considered large, however, they may be added. Otherwise, it is customary to tip 15% to 20% of your bill, if you feel the service--of course!--was up to your expectations.

How do I book?

Please contact me via my Contact Me page and I will answer any questions you may have, coordinate our schedules, set a date and time and where to meet to begin our tour. When we're agreed, I will then email you a link from which to book your Cocktail Concierge from.


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