Cocktail Concierge

Your Personal. Private. Small Plate and Cocktail Tour.






By appointment only. Please contact me with button below.


$200 (TOTAL), first 1-4 guests, $50 each guest thereafter.





Will vary. Will be determined while customizing your tour.

Sometimes it's about a bar. Sometimes it's about a bartender. Or that small plate that's so fine you swear off bad sex. A history. A legend. A quirk. A destination not to be missed. Or one that will soon be worthy to be the same.


These are the bars and restaurants of the French Quarter. I have hand-picked a select few to share with you as an insider. Their histories, their libations, cuisines and sometimes the personalities that make them tick.

Let me please introduce myself: I'm your Cocktail Concierge.

I will be with you every step of the way. Included is my knowledge, expertise and connections. It's what I will bring to the inner table at which your Foodie-Self sits...and the cocktail-obsessed gremlin that perches, whispering, on your soul.

You: dress nicely. Bring your appetite, your passion for this city and no sweat on your budget: if you want to do this right, you can spend $100+ each, in addition to the cost of the tour. An easy night out in this town that you'd be enjoying, anyway.

Relax. Your inner gremlin isn't evil. It's just on vacation in New Orleans.

Although I recommend you read the FAQ of any of my tours you may be interested in, please read this one. It matters.


But one thing to know for sure: no food or drinks are included in the price of the tour.

The Art of Drinking...

What My Guests Are Saying About The Cocktail Concierge

"What other cocktail tours in New Orleans? My wife and I took the Cocktail Concierge w/Brian and it was amazing food, cocktails, history, insight, discovery and entertainment all evening. Simply, I have three words for you: V.I.P.."

                                                                        — Terry A., VA


More Cocktails Anyone?

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Small Group, Exclusive Access Cocktail Walking Tours of the French Quarter, New Orleans, LA 

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