New Orleans Streetwalkers Tours COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy

New Orleans Streetwalkers Tours takes the safety of our guests and tour partners seriously. We adhere to or exceed local government and CDC COVID-19 guidelines. Your well-being is priority.

As Your Tour Guide

  • I will check my temperature daily, monitor myself for signs of infection and, while touring, wear a face covering, wash/sanitize my hands and socially distance. 

  • If I exhibit signs of infection, tours will be cancelled and all guests will receive a full refund.

Tour Guests

  • Guests showing signs of illness, such as cough, difficulty breathing, or fever will not be allowed to participate in the tour.

  •        Similarly, the City of New Orleans has made it mandatory that all tour operators must conduct temperature checks of participants at first contact. Any participant with a temperature above CDC guidelines will not be able to participate.

  •  All guests must wear a face covering. Please don't forget to bring your mask along on the tour. Wearing a mask or face covering is mandatory in both the City of New Orleans and the entire State of Louisiana. Our tour partners, i.e. bars and restaurants, will not allow you to enter without it on.

On The Tour

  • Public tours have been reduced to a maximum of 8 guests.

  • Social distancing will be observed.

  • Hand sanitizer and restroom facilities for washing hands will be available.

  • Bars and restaurants in New Orleans also adhere to COVID-19 safety regulations, including staff wearing masks, frequent hand washing practices and frequent disinfection of surfaces.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to help!