Crescent City Cocktail Crawl

A cocktail tour paired with New Orleans History. It's a match made, "Only in NOLA!"






Sun., Tues. and Fri., 4pm 


$36, one drink included | $29, no drinks included





3 hours

If ever there was a city founded on legend that has become fact, it's New Orleans. There's always somebody, somewhere, telling you something, frankly, that just ain't true.

"New Orleans is the birthplace of the cocktail," and, "The word 'cocktail' was born in New Orleans," are two of these statements.

And they just ain't true.

Not exactly, anyway.

But there is truth in their hearts.

 Particularly when you consider this: The cocktail culture of New Orleans has a history and importance similar to jazz.

Street for street, block for block, bar for bar, bartender for bartender, drink by drink, I put it to you that there is no more important, or accessible, cocktail city in the world for blowing you away with the cocktail's foundational history, and the simple yet profound pleasures of enjoying one, than New Orleans.

If you'd like to discover this miraculous confluence of yesteryear and libation for yourself, I invite you to stroll through the past with me and delight in the surprisingly tasty history of Crescent City drinks and the establishments that made them famous. On the Crescent City Cocktail Crawl, we will experience New Orleans' classic cocktails, as well as revel in the present and indulge in original creations of our contemporary mixologists...all chased by a shot of straight-up New Orleans lore.

It's a match made, "Only in NOLA!"

You must be an adult of legal drinking age (21+) to take this tour, and if you would like to include one alcoholic go-cup beverage in your purchase price, please choose that option while booking. No other drinks are included in the price of the tour. 

Don't want to include a yummy go-cup libation? Grab the, No drinks included, option: just say no to your drink, while booking, and knock the price down to $29.00.

Imbibe Your History...

What My Guests Are Saying About The Crescent City Cocktail Crawl

"Brian knows the places and the people. He is very down to earth, fun, and interesting -- that's what you want in a tour guide!! This was my second tour with New Orleans Streetwalkers Tours (gotta love the name!). Highly recommend to everyone!"

                                                               — Tom R., TX

 Not So Sure About A Private Tour?

Allow your Friendly Neighborhood Tour Guide to Lay Down Some Gospel!

One: If you have a minimum of six peeps in your party, there is no extra charge to tour privately.

Two: If you have less than six peeps, pay for six. Now your tour is just little 'ole y'all.

Three: If schedules allow, we can depart at a custom time that may be more convenient for you.

Four: You may waive that 12 person group maximum.

Five: We can do other fun things, too, like stop for bites.

Six: All of the above, Just sayin'.


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