Sin & Gin Prohibition Cocktail Crawl

Offered: Sun., Tues. and Fri., 4pm | Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes | Price: $34, one drink included | $29, no drink included | FAQ

"Cocktail tours in New Orleans have become as commonplace as ghost tours, but if you want to experience cocktail tours that soar above all the rest and that are delivered with integrity, verve and historical accuracy, Brian's your guide. And if you're into the endless fascination of 1920's writers and speakeasies, the Sin & Gin tour is your cocktail tour." Chuck H, Trip Advisor

Bootleggers, Speakeasies, Flappers, Petting Parties, Bathtub Gin and Infamous Alcoholic Authors--You know you want some!

It's the 1920's in New Orleans and the 18th Amendment, Prohibition, has banned booze across the length and breadth of these United States. But there's no giving us the run-around in the Big Easy! Everything's gonna be jake as you shebas and shieks imbibe your giggle water with the proper sophistication. After all, it's the cat's meow: your enjoying classic cocktails from the Prohibition and pre-Prohibition eras while exploring the goofy history and ossified antics of the personalities that made their lives legend during the Jazz Age.

You must be an adult of legal drinking age (21+) to take this tour, and if you would like to include one alcoholic beverage in your purchase price, please choose that option while booking. No other drinks are included in the price of the tour. The included beverage is either a Bourbon Street style go-cup drink, like, and including, a Hurricane, or a beer. This is not a classic cocktail--a martini, vodka tonic, etc.--just your all-around, easy-going, fruit juice & boozy concoction or a beer.


You will be shown a menu on the tour from which to choose your included drink. You'll also have ample opportunity to purchase additional drinks, if you like, but are not obligated to buy drinks at any stop.

Don't want to include a yummy go-cup libation on your tour? Grab our, "I Ain't No Scofflaw!" option: just say no to your drink, while booking, and knock the price down to $29.00.

*Although parties of 1 are most welcome on the tour, we require a minimum of 2 guests to run the tour.*

*Reservations are required for our tours. If we have no guests previously booked, we will not be waiting for walk-up business at our starting locations.*

*Cancellation Policy: Full refunds for cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance of your tour departure time. Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance of your tour departure time and No-Shows are not refunded. Tour runs rain or shine.*

"I didn't know anything about that part of our history, but I just bought a book about Flappers as I think I might have been one in another life, LOL, just sayin'. I'm clicking LOVE, the S&G, Certified Fresh!" MakeUpByEmilyJessica!, Google Review

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